SME Services

SME Services

how we can help your business

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Maintaining cash flow is vital for any business, especially during such uncertain times. We understand the difficulties entrepreneurs must face in the current unfavourable environment, and we want to help wherever we can. At Pulsar, we offer a selection of services that can be bundled together to create a bespoke project for your business. 

Please get in touch for a personalised quote. We don’t bite.

Website Development + Maintenance

We offer high quality, low cost web development services for our clients available through our highly competitive financing plans to minimise your upfront costs.

AI Research and Development

We are doing cutting edge R&D into the implementation of AI in Aerospace Design; performing bleeding edge research funded by Research England.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools

We offer numerical modelling services from our world class team using our own in-house developed tools with a focus on aerospace systems.

Database Development + Maintenance

Need a database implemented into your site? Get in touch, we can help develop and implement your data for your users’ easy access.

Business Development Consultancy

Work with Pulsar Studio's team on the development of your business; providing advice on how to market and promote your new products.

Mobile Application Development + Maintenance

Let our team help develop your newest mobile application (Android & iOS); our new virtual studio brings in experts from around the globe and allows us to continue working no-matter the global circumstances.

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